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In 2021, PAKCS started its commercial life in a new factory with high production capacity on a total area of 11,000 m², 8,000 m² closed and 3,000 m² open, in Kemalpaşa, Izmir. PAKCS, which has adopted the task of producing solutions in the field of freight transportation with a creative, innovative and flexible production approach by taking Lokman Koçaslan Otomotiv's vast experience in the sector behind it, aims to produce with a quality and durability above market standards in the production of clamshell dumper and double-deck car carrier.

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Pakcs Hakkımızda


It is a tipper created with Hardox material with superior durability, precise hydraulic system and strong Tırsan chassis. This combination offers a long-lasting, high-performance and reliable transportation solution, while at the same time ensuring effective transportation of loads.
Pakcs Kapaklı Damper

More Robust Clamshell Tipper: New Standards in Durability and Reliability

Hardox® 500 Tuf is the world's hardest wear plate with structural properties. High strength in a single wear plate, offers high stiffness and guaranteed toughness - is a truly exceptional material for the most demanding applications. It has proven itself in truck and tipper bodies, containers, mine tipper, buckets and other attachments, agricultural equipment, linings and wear parts worldwide.

Pakcs Kapaklı Damper

More Aesthetic Clamshell Dumpers: The Perfect Combination of Function and Appearance

Pakcs Clamshell Dumper, it is a great example of innovative design approach in the engineering world. This product transforms the traditional design of dampers, an important component used in many different industrial applications. Lidded dampers make their work more efficient and safe by providing users with more control and flexibility.

Pakcs Kapaklı Damper

Better Quality Air Control: Clamshell Damper

Pakcs Clamshell Damper stands out as an innovative product that provides precise control of air flow and fluid movement. These products are used to improve quality in many industrial applications and building automation systems.

Pakcs Kapaklı Damper

Capped Damper with Powerful Hydraulic System: Here is the Key to Sustainability and Efficiency

Pakcs Capped Damper, when equipped with powerful hydraulic systems, they offer significant advantages in terms of sustainability and efficiency for many industrial applications. These systems are groundbreaking in terms of energy saving and reliability while handling the precise control of air and liquid flow.